About Us

Messe Duesseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Messe Duesseldorf GmbH which is a world leader both as a trade fair organizer and as a provider of trade fair related services for exhibitors and visitors. We at Messe Duesseldorf India (MDI) are gradually expanding our events portfolio with the introduction of satellite trade fairs like MEDICAL FAIR INDIA, Wire and Cable India, Tube India International, Metallurgy India, International PackTech India, FOODPEX INDIA, GLASSPEX INDIA and Energy Storage India. Our strategic partnership with Messe Essen GmbH helped us to successfully launch & deliver INDIA ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING since past many years now. Keeping in mind that India is one of the emerging economies and has immense potential, Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. intends to work closely with both Indian as well as international partners and further be a catalyst for the development of industry in India.

Welcome to the land of targeted growth promotion

You have read that correctly. India has a total of 21 official languages to describe the word “opportunities”. The most important one – and surely also the most comfortable language for international customers – remains English. So we understand each other well.

The democratic multi-ethnic state of India holds inexhaustible potential, offering advantages which Western investors appreciate: a democratic system whose common law also provides legal certainty, a free market economy which has developed into one of the largest national economic systems in the world, and a wealth of resources. It is the country with the largest population of all democratic nations – with its 1.1 billion people, it is a continuously growing market for consumer goods and services. The country’s industry is on a course of modernization, investing heavily in modern production facilities and services.

A new family member. What started out as a joint venture project ended up as the foundation of a subsidiary: in 2007 Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. was established, a 100% subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf. The trade fair organizers had already been gaining experience in the Indian market since 1990.

India’s capital became Messe Düsseldorf’s starting point for the development of successful trade shows. This is where the key areas of India’s industry are closely observed. Here is where the 20-member team holds a dialogue with the companies that provide crucial impetus for India’s economy.

Messe Düsseldorf India provides lasting support for this development. Leading trade fairs which have already attained a position as market leaders in other economic regions are adjusted to the conditions of the Indian market and held very successfully.

Culture is a connecting element. Those who organize successful trade fairs throughout the world know how important it is to be aware of the subtle details in dealings with business partners. Messe Düsseldorf India has put together an open-minded, multicultural team which masters the nuances of communication with its contacts. A clear promise has been formulated beyond the language boundaries: to develop trade fairs of fi rst-rate quality, bringing people together, and making them business partners.

Opportunities in 21 languages

Are you familiar with the Kangchenjunga? It is the easternmost Himalayan mountain that is more than 8,000 metres high – the highest mountain in India. With an elevation of 8,586 metres, it is the third-highest mountain on earth. You wouldn’t have expected to find that in India, right? The possibilities inherent in the Indian economy bear great similarity to the country’s geological data: those who take a closer look at the facts are in for a surprise – because India is on its way to making it into the top group of industrial nations.

During the past ten years the Indian economy has undergone phenomenal growth. By establishing special economic zones, the subcontinent’s government was able to channel more than 45 billion US dollars of direct investments into the economy between 2005 and 2008 alone. In the wake of this development, 800,000 new jobs were created – and consequently, more spending power among the population.

The establishment of more than 500 special economic zones has also helped India to develop into a central manufacturing location for domestic and internatio nal companies in the global marketplace.

With its events, Messe Düsseldorf is creating the basis for connecting Indian companies to the global marketplace, and for internationally operating businesses to penetrate the country’s domestic market. Organizing trade fair events whose quality measures up to German standards, we support the country’s development as trends and state-of-the-art technologies are fi nding their way to India. Thanks to good connections and the trust Indian business partners place in Messe Düsseldorf, we have been able to gather profound knowledge of the country’s markets over the past years. This know-how helps us in our determination to plan and realize successful trade fair events. We work on optimizing our position in India’s trade fair business through ideas, contacts, and intensive communication – and bid you welcome: to the world of (almost) unlimited possibilities.

Two centres, one goal

What is our concept of trade fairs? We regard them as presentation platforms for business partners from the world over. Therefore, Messe Düsseldorf India is developing the concept for the most comprehensive programme of trade shows for the Indian market.

A trading place. Some visitors trade knowledge – industry sector specialists from all over the world who attend the trade fairs of Messe Düsseldorf. Others trade contacts – with business partners around the globe. We regard that as an important basis for the international exchange of industrial goods and services which boost the economy and make prosperity grow.

With two centres in India – New Delhi and Mumbai – Messe Düsseldorf has created locations for planning and holding trade show events which guarantee an international level and supreme quality. Our current focus is on two subjects: mechanical and plant engineering, and medicine and the health sector.

A professional audience is guaranteed. We are aware of how important the quality of exhibitors and visitors of trade fairs is for companies’ business success. Since we operate on a global level, we thoroughly check the dates of events ahead of time. This way, we can make sure you are going to fi nd the leading companies in your industry and the contact persons with the right professional qualifications among customers and buyers at the trade fairs organized by us.

The land where investments flow

The face of India has changed at a staggering pace over the past two decades. In the wake of the ubiquitous trend towards globalization, India, too, recognized the opportunities opening up for its economy – and used them methodically.

Among the global players. India’s consumer goods industry took advantage of its ability to produce at low unit costs. Entering the global markets tapped new customers for Indian companies and increased their capacities. The result: a stable performance in industrial production – and growing investment needs.

Telephony and tea. The foremost tea producer – you probably would have guessed that. Nearly a billion tons of tea are produced in India per annum. With milk and sugar? Here, too, India leads the list of the world’s top-ranking producers: 100 million tons of milk and 315 million tons of sugarcane are produced every year in the country with the world’s second-largest area available for agricultural use.

In the key industry sector, India is already one of the leading producers in many segments. India’s steel production is ranked fi fth in the world. The automotive industry supplies the fourth-largest automotive market in Asia with approximately 1.5 million vehicles per annum.

However, the country is also undergoing a fundamental transformation in sunrise industries: revenues in the telecommunications sector, for example, were 31 billion US dollars in 2008, and forecasts predict strong future growth.

One of India’s largest service industries is the health sector. Investments in modern medical technology will climb rapidly in the years to come – to an estimated fi ve billion US dollars by 2012.

One pillar of India’s economic boom is the sunrise industries IT and biotechnology. High-tech companies have been established predominantly in the country’s south. While the centre of hardware and software development is in Bangalore, the growth centre of biotechnology was established in Hyderabad after the foundation of “Genome Valley”.

A well-functioning banking system is one of the requirements for sustainable growth. With more than 70,000 bank branches, India’s fi nance industry is one of the largest commercial banking systems in the world. Moreover, there are over 10,000 companies which are listed on India’s 23 stock exchanges – the third-largest market for investors in the world.